Formed in 2014, Boston’s Thirty Silver combines thundering drums, scorching, sludgy guitars, and a primal howl to create their own brand of punk and metal-infused rock n’ roll. Blending the White Stripes and Black Sabbath with a dash of Zeppelin, the duo of Drew Smith (guitar/vocals) and Joe Z (drums) live by a DIY ethos, booking their own tours and forming their own label, Tux Cat Records, to release music without compromise. In their first year together the band self-released two full-length albums, and in 2015 fired off an instrumental single, “Dark and Sinister Man, Have at Thee!”, recorded live at WMFO in Tufts, followed quickly by a five song EP, “Lost Saints”, in early 2016, before signing to Bad Taco Records for their second EP, "Dusk". The band has toured the country several times, playing almost 150 dates throughout the East Coast and Midwest in its first three years.


Popidols (2014)
Freedom/Bedlam (2015)
Lost Saints (2016)
Dusk (2016)
Welcome Home (2017) (upcoming)